Meagan & Jason: Masonic Temple Detroit Wedding & Reception with Joe Louis Arena & Ford Field extras.

Ryan L. Photographer
Ryan L. Photographer
So… this was quite an interesting shoot!

First, we met up with the bride and groom while they were getting ready at the Masonic Temple.  After they took their first look in the hallways of the Masonic, we jumped in the limo-bus and started out for some locations in downtown Detroit.  We had heard that we’d have special access to some spots in town — what we got, in fact, was unprecedented access to some of Detroit’s greatest locations! 

Our first stop was the good old Joe Louis Arena. We walked up to the back doors of the place, where the guards greeted the groom by name!  I could not believe it.  With an escort, we walked into the Joe under the arena where the players come in, and we were off and running.  Even though we knew this was going to happen, seeing it first hand was even more amazing than our expectations!  We walked around and got some shots in the stadium that I have only dreamed of getting.

Patrick Abel wedding photograph
Patrick A. Photographer

After the Joe, we then loaded up and took off for Ford Field. We again were granted special access — only this time, two of the groomsmen peeled off from the group and headed into some back rooms.  When we saw them next, they were carrying the big broadcast cameras that are used for games!  My jaw hit the floor when we suddenly realized that the cameras were live, and tied into the jumbo-tron high above the field.  Megan and Jason’s image was being broadcast live on the screen.  It was a chance of a lifetime for us all and we had so much fun!  We bumped around town for some more shots then took off back to the Masonic for the service.

Back at Masonic the wedding ceremony came off without a hitch and the party was so beautiful.  What a day and what a night!  We wish Jason & Meagan the very best in their new life together and we sure had fun shooting their wedding!

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The Knot Best Of Weddings 2021 Special Moments Photography
Special Moments

Wedding:  Masonic Temple Detroit Wedding
Reception: Masonic Temple Detroit
Other Spots:  Joe Lewis Arena, Ford Field & Fox Theater

Photographer:  Ryan L.  &  Patrick A.