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Overview of how our packages work.  This will help you understand how we think.

Thank you for visiting our website! We would like to take an opportunity to go over our packages and how we structure them.  You’ll see two different types of packages. One group is called our Sweet and Simple Packages and the other group is called our All Inclusive Packages.  The main difference between these packages is the size and the complexity of the work that would be performed for a client.  For example, a Sweet and Simple package would be very appropriate for a client that does not want to have us design an album for them.  Click here to see the specific packages.

Our All Inclusive Packages…

These packages are, just as they say, a bit more all-inclusive.  For example, in addition to photographing your wedding, we would design and produce your album and so on. There’s examples of those on our website. I’ll put some links in this page to show you those.

Let’s get to the fundamental question about time in the packages. It stands to reason that if a client needed 12 hours instead of 4 hours of photography time, then there would be a difference in the price based on how much time the photographer would be on location photographing.  There would also be a difference in how many pictures you are likely to be taking.  That would impact how much time would be needed to edit the images.  These types of factors control what the price would be for a package.  So, for example, if a client wanted a micro package, they would have us come in for two or three hours to photograph an event.   We might do some pictures around the city and edit those pictures and give the client the entire set of edited high resolution files.  That is a perfect example of one of our Sweet and Simple Packages.

On the other hand, someone might want you to come to an event to take getting ready pictures, photograph the service and then on to a park and then the party and the celebration. That would be a good candidate for a more inclusive package.

What is our most common package?

Typically speaking, the 6, 7, 8-hour range is probably the most common time frame that we see clients asking for.  So, when you think about your package needs, you’ll notice that larger packages, like the Hindu / Sikh Wedding Packages, are very different from a typical western style wedding event. Most of our weddings are more suited to one of our standard packages where we cover the service and the reception party.

So… as you look at these packages you’ll see that there’s a sliding scale and it revolves around the time that we’re on location and the amount of work based on the items that are in a given package, and the editing work behind the scenes to achieve a given package.   Take a look at the Sweet and Simple Packages if you are looking to have us photograph, create the initial artwork and edit and give you the files.  Here you can do your own thing with the files.  You can do your own book, you can make your own prints, and post to social media, etc.

In the All Inclusive Packages you will see a more comprehensive approach.  We take it into the next step where you would pick the images that you want to see go into an album design.  We then take that group of pictures and design some really neat layouts. You’ll see some of those as I mentioned in links on our page.  You will be allowed to view that layout and make some corrections before it finally goes to print production and binding.

We hope this is helpful and we hope you enjoy looking through the packages. If you have questions please let us know, but I think that’ll give you a pretty good overview of our packages and what we think is important about them.

Click here to see specific packages.

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