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We are a small group of professional photographers based in Plymouth MI dedicated to creating something very special for couples that they will treasure the rest of their lives. Special Moments Photography has been capturing beautiful wedding photos for many years with hundreds of satisfied brides. At each event, we still take great care to create an experience designed to exceed your expectations.  We take nothing for granted and every experience with us will be a fusion of your dreams and our expertise.

Meet the Team


Coffee lover and foodie, loves her handsome husband and twin boys, they are the love of her life.


loves to travel & enjoy food from around the world, loves his wife and his little kitty!


I enjoy the outdoors, an afternoon playing golf with friends and spending time with my family.


I love my family and my boys and most of all, the life we have together.


Family is so important to me, my husband and my little ones make it all worth it. I love being with friends and enjoying life.

Shawntez C.


I am a photographer driven to capture all the interesting moments life brings our way. Life is all about the journey and what drives me is being able to capture and preserve those moments as they happen. Photography has this ability to capture a event in time while bringing people and places together like no other art form can. I am constantly looking for that unique perspective that gives my clients the moment they can remember.

One of my favorite childhood memories involved being given a disposable camera at summer camp, and playing the camp photographer. I spent hours capturing just about anything that caught my young eye. One roll of film was never enough to satisfy me. I believe the hardest part was being patient and waiting for the film to be developed, but the results were always worth the effort. Even today I find comfort in my passion for landscape and urban photography.

Family Details to come...


I love the outdoors and spending time with family and friends. We enjoy to live where the air is clean and fresh.

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