Deanna & Joshua’s George George Memorial Park Micro Wedding Clinton Twp. & Lelli’s Inn Auburn Hills Dinner

In the beginning…

We did a fantastically fun micro wedding for Deanna and Josh at George George Memorial Park. Afterwards they went to Lelli’s Inn of Auburn Hills for a very intimate dinner.

Patrick Abel wedding photographer
Patrick A. Photographer

We started off at the bride’s home for a few getting ready pictures. This was a beautifully small wedding with just the bride and groom and two witnesses. For sure, one of the smallest weddings we ever photographed. Deanna looked absolutely magnificent in her dress. They reached out to us by the internet and this was our first time meeting in person but that didn’t slow us down a bit. We had planned over the phone what we wanted to accomplish.

The Service & dinner…

Then we traveled down to George George Memorial Park in Clinton Township for a few shots before the officiant arrived and conducted the service with literally, two people witnessing. That’s not to say there weren’t a few random bystanders that gathered to enjoy the moment as well. Walking around the park, got some really nice photos of the couple. It was a gorgeous day with puffy white clouds and a beautiful blue sky.

For dinner the couple went to Lelli’s Inn of Auburn Hills with six guests I think. We took a few photos around the restaurant. The room was empty of guests being mid afternoon so we had the run of the place. A small table was set up for the parents and siblings to join them later for dinner. In our coverage we were not asked to photograph any of the reception because of its small size. It makes perfect sense when you have such a small wedding and our micro wedding packages work out perfectly for this. I’m sure they enjoyed a great dinner at Lelli’s Inn Auburn Hills.

Our Thoughts…

Our studio is seeing more and more of these small types of weddings because of the covid-19 situation and this is a perfect example of what a beautiful small and private wedding can look like. We wish them the very best and hope that you enjoy these photos. Call us today and let us photograph your micro wedding . We absolutely love them!

We can’t wait for our next Micro wedding!

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Home Getting Ready
Wedding: George George Memorial Park
Dinner: Lelli’s Inn Auburn Hills
Photographer:  Patrick A.