How Things Work and Important Tips

Here you will learn how things work and important tips on hiring a wedding photographer.

Our assumption is this: You are here trying to evaluate and hire a great photographer.  You are probably wondering how things work.  We can help with these quick links.

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Let’s take a moment and talk about how things work.

Hiring a wedding photographer is not something you do every day. Trying to figure out who to hire takes careful consideration. It is our opinion that there are three main considerations a couple must think about in making the right decision on who is going to photograph their wedding. If you stack ranked those three choices, we would put them in this order.

  1. The quality of the photography.
  2. The reputation and honorable nature of the business.
  3. The price structure for the product.

These three points are crucial when hiring a wedding photographer and must be fully examined in order to make an informed decision.  We have set up our website to allow people to explore each of these.

Quality of the photography and “How things work”.

The quality of the photography can be seen on several pages on our site.  Those would include year in review, the photographer’s portfolios, the engagement pictures highlight page, the album design layout page, and a page devoted to the photo journalistic style.  There are links at the top of this page to see how things work.

The reputation and the honorable nature of the business.
The Knot Best of 2023 Certificate Special Moments Photography
Knot Best of 2023

When we are hired by a client, it is our goal to capture their event in a unique and beautiful way.  Every wedding is different and it is our sincere wish that every client feels their event has been covered well.  We strive for every client to feel we did what we said we would do when they signed up for our service.  Our sincere wish is that everyone walks away feeling they received a good value for the money they spent.  Following through on these expectations and getting it right for our clients is what gives us a strong reputation.  Special Moments produces excellent work and treats our customers like family.

You can see Google reviews here, Yelp reviews here, and The Knot reviews here.  These reviews are posted openly on the web and we have received many reviews from clients over the years. A very high percentage of them are outstanding but when a client has a criticism or concern, we do our very best to address it straight on.  We listen to our clients and try to address their concerns in a professional and courteous way.  We all want a good experience when we deal with people and we always keep this goal in mind.

Price structure for the product.

We lay out our packages in a very organized and helpful manner.  You will find our packages and pricing published openly on this website for you to see. We do not want a client to feel like we are trying to sneak up on them with some surprise or some “loss leader” only to find out they’ve paid an arm and a leg when it’s all done.

Our packages are straightforward and complete. We all have experienced at some point in our lives what it’s like to not be treated honestly in a transaction. It is no fun to be on the wrong end of a bad deal. Our goal is to show you our pricing structure and let you consider your options and make the best decision for you and your circumstances. The overall budget for your wedding is your business and we don’t try to pry into that. We simply try to understand what you’re trying to achieve and fit our service to meet your goals.

The Knot Hall of Fame 2023 Best of Weddings
Knot Hall of Fame

If you consider these three categories for evaluating a photographer and find someone that can do all three very well, you have achieved the most important three things in hiring a wedding photographer.  The Links at the top of this page will let you jump quickly to examples of our work. Links above will let you check out reviews of our company and our services.  The link above allows you to go directly to our packages page. This is a very thorough and quick approach to getting you the information you are looking for. If you have questions, we’re happy to answer them. You can call us at (734) 453-4321.  You can also submit a question through our “Contact Us” link at the top header of this page.

We think that when you consider Special Moments Photography and the three most important points we have outlined, you’ll see that we are an outstanding company with high standards and quality work to back up our claims. We would love to help you with your wedding photography needs. Reach out to us today and start a conversation with us about your upcoming wedding or event.

Our motto: We are what extraordinary love looks like…