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This was a fun wedding in a lot of ways and reminds me just how quickly the best laid plans can change on a dime the day of a wedding.  We started out at the Masonic Temple with a plan that quickly morphed. Corrine wanted to surprise everyone with a big change, “the first look”.  She wanted her & Daniel to see one another before the wedding.  With the agenda quickly changing, we suddenly were rewriting our plans on the fly!  Thankfully all came off well with Corrine’s strong sense of how she wanted things to go.  The crew and party quickly adapted and we were off and running.  The DIA was a great spot for photos and we had a great time.  What a beautiful wedding and exciting day, we wish Corrine & Daniel all the best in their new life together.  It will be fun to see what images they choose for their wedding album.

Wedding Service:  Masonic Temple Detroit
Wedding Reception:  Masonic Temple Detroit Wedding Reception  |  Other Spots:  DIA Detroit MI

Photographer:  Patrick A.   |  Photojournalist:  Patrick C.