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Here we show you our best engagement photography with a variety of our favorite locations and styles. We use this time as a great opportunity to get to know our couples and get in some practice time with them. A trend we are seeing is the theme engagement, which can be a lot of fun, too! Here are examples of the best engagement photos around with an overview of great locations. 

Emily & Sean Belle Isle Detroit MI engagement photograph
Emily & Sean at Belle Isle Detroit

For this page and just for the fun of it, we really just randomly go through and pick shots that seem to make sense for an overview.  When we photograph an engagement session it’s essentially an exploration of ideas in creative thinking. We never really know what we are walking into when we meet a couple.  The idea is to get a couple into an interesting space and let them react with each other. 

What does this produce?

This approach tends to produce the best shots. All of us are uncomfortable in front of a professional photographer’s camera lens. It’s not something that the average person experiences much. People generally don’t know what to do and struggle with a self-consciousness that needs to be dissipated. That comes with just talking and trying things with them. It is an experimental time that we work our way through with them.  We have ideas and they have some ideas and that blending produces some of the best photo shoots. 

The edit process…

After the photo shoot and when we have the images back at the studio we start the edit.  First we narrow them down and try to pull out some of our favorites. There are many tricks in Lightroom that can tease out the subtleties in an image.  Very often, the feedback we get from our couples is valuable for everyone involved. They learn how to relax in front of the camera and we get to learn things that are important to them while finding that connection between them.

The Knot Best of Weddings 2023 Certificate Special Moments Photography
Knot Best of 2023

We have these samples below of some of our favorites to help you get some good ideas and see some pretty fun spots around the city.

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