Ceremony Ritu Kala Samskara Album Design Layout

This is the final album layout of the Ceremony Ritu Kala Samskara at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn MI using the client’s favorites photos from the event. We took the call from the family asking if we would photograph the event for them. 

Patrick Abel wedding photograph
Patrick A. Photographer

The family had been given our name from the staff at the Henry Ford.  We were on their preferred vendor list.  This was a wonderful event for us to photograph and we loved it!

It was an absolute pleasure to work with the family and capture this special event.  Pleas call us if you would like to have professional photos of your event wherever that may be.

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Ryan L. Photographer
Ryan L. Photographer

We understand that this ceremony is also sometimes called a Cheeralu Puberty Ceremony depending on which part of the county ones family comes from. We think it is super special and so beautiful!

Here is some additional Wikipedia reading on what the Ritu Kala Samskara is all about.

We can’t wait for our next Ceremony Ritu Kala Samskara!

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A note on our logo on these photos…

It is important to point out that our actual final wedding images do not have our logo plastered through them. The logo you see on these BLOG post images are just for the web. This helps us should someone stumble on an image that we shot, it can lead them back to our site and we just might get a booking out of it.

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Special Moments


Ritu Kala Samskara:   Henry Ford Museum Dearborn
Photographers: Patrick A.   &   Ryan L.