Special Page: The Henry Ford and Greenfield Village… Our Wedding Photography

Highlights from The Henry Ford Weddings we have photographed at: Lovett Hall, Henry Ford Museum, Martha Mary Chapel, Eagle Tavern, Anderson Theater, A Taste of History

A Henry Ford wedding provides one of the most unique spots in the Metro Detroit Area to have your wedding. They have 4 different locations to choose from to have your wedding. Consider your reception at: Lovett Hall, Henry Ford Museum, Eagle Tavern & A Taste of History. It is hard to beat the options ranging from high elegance to rustic traditional! You can also get married at several spots around the property.  Some of the more notable locations are: Martha Mary Chapel, Anderson Theater, and Ginger Meyer Gardens at Lovett Hall.

A few years ago some pretty smart people with an incredible vision thought about opening up the Henry Ford Museum itself for wedding receptions.  I can remember the first time I heard about the idea and the excitement was palpable.  I recall contemplating the potential shots we could get out of such a space. The Henry Ford Museum is truly one of the most unique spaces in the world to host your wedding reception.

We have featured some wedding photography highlights from the various locations for weddings. Take the time to look through the images and see for yourself some of the stunting location wedding photographs we have taken at The Henry Ford.

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Some thoughts on The Henry Ford wedding location…

We would like to share some memories of time spent at The Henry Ford in Greenfield Village. When we look back at these photos from weddings we have photographed, some very special memories come to mind. Some examples like the deep feeling we get looking out across the dance floor and thinking about the history of Lovett Hall. It is one of the most beautiful ballrooms in the city. Its history goes back so far with the heritage of our auto capital of the world. Henry Ford was a great planner and thinker. He created this ballroom to entertain and let the public enjoy an elegant night out of dancing and fun.

He created an environment where working to live versus living to work becomes quite apparent. You don’t build a ballroom like this without having your heart set on enjoying the leisure and the fruits of your labor. This whole village is dedicated to the memory of the physical past but those timeless emotions we feel have been a part of the human dream forever. The Henry Ford is a nostalgic step back in time to enjoy some beautiful spaces.

The Henry Ford Museum…

Stepping into the Henry Ford Museum and having an elegant evening with your guests will create memories to last a lifetime. I can remember the first time I photographed a wedding and took pictures with the plane hanging high above on display was such an incredible feeling. The photos were just breathtaking. I remember walking around during cocktail hour photographing the guests at the wedding enjoying the beautiful displays in the museum. There are so many great memories that fill me even to this day.

I look back and think about the pictures at Martha Mary Chapel with great fondness. When you walk into that chapel and feel the history, it takes you back in time. Just about every small town across this great country built themselves a small chapel to hold life’s special events in. This chapel is a classic design that has been repeated over and over in the small towns and communities across this country. As people settled in different places, some carpenters would step forward and one of the first things they would do would be to build a house for themselves and a house to worship in. Having a wedding here takes one back to those roots we all share in our family histories.

Eagle Tavern for your wedding…

Eagle Tavern holds some very special memories for us as well. Though the kitchen might use modern electricity and gas, the main guest dining area does not.  It is candlelit because that’s the way it was before electricity was installed. People would travel across the countryside and stop along their route at Great Inns like this.  Often the could be found along the road at distances apart from one another that a horse could travel in one day.   Your goal was to get in a day’s travel and stop at an inn for the night to get a good meal and a good night’s rest then move on the next day. 

How these inns came about…

Many of our modern roads follow old stagecoach trails laid out across this country, you can see this pattern repeated over and over.  Many of the old inns fell to modern hotels but the concept is very much the same.  Some friends and I took a trip from Washington DC to Chicago.  We traveled along the old diagonal road that runs between the two great cities.  We made a point of stopping at some of the old inns in the towns along the way.  Our goal was to experience what it must have been like to travel in the old days.

I remember staying at the Golden Lamb in Lebanon Ohio, three or four presidents have stayed there.  It was a stagecoach stop along that route between Chicago and Washington DC.  It’s the way people used to travel and to get a glimpse of that is a real treat. The Henry Ford has tried to preserve some of that heritage right here in our own backyard.

Greenfield Village for your wedding photos…

Greenfield Village is at our fingertips when we photograph an event at the Henry Ford. Oftentimes, the couple will make arrangements for a Model T ride or a horse and carriage. You can certainly walk the grounds but traveling about on one of the two aforementioned methods can be a real treat.  Some of the shots we’ve picked in this collection integrate the vehicles in some very clever ways. Watching a horse and carriage ride up to the covered bridge behind the couple is absolutely one of our favorites. It’s so symbolic and meaningful.

How to get in touch with us…

We hope you enjoy this evolving collection of images from The Henry Ford and some of the weddings we photographed here.  If you would like to have us photograph your wedding at the Henry Ford, reach out to us by phone, by email. You can also stop by the studio and we’ll have a coffee together and talk things over.