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There was a special event recently for a darling young lady named Ariana, at the fantastic Henry Ford Museum.  The Ritu Kala (aka Langa Voni) ceremony was a fun-filled coming of age party, which is designed to officially honor Ariana in this rite of passage.  Patrick and Ryan were able to capture her personality to a tee.  She was such a joy to be around, and we certainly enjoyed working for her and her family.

We understand that this ceremony is also sometimes called a Cheeralu Puberty Ceremony depending on which part of the county ones family comes from.  We think it is super special and so beautiful!

Here is some additional Wikipedia reading on what the Ritu Kala Samskara ceremony is all about.

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Event:  Henry Ford Museum Dearborn
Photographer:  Patrick A.      |    
Photographer:  Ryan L. 


    Simply superb. May the ritual last longer and carry forward the rich heritage of Hinduism. This looks divine and 'as in heaven'. Thanks for these photos.


  • Dr Santhi Ballan said:

    Awesome is the word.....
    Lovely ceremony...
    Long live our culture.