Patrick Abel wedding photograph
Patrick A. Photographer
This was a gorgeous Wyndham Garden Southgate MI wedding…

We started out at the Wyndham Garden Southgate for the getting ready portion of the day. The groom was at the Martha-Mary Chapel while the bride and her bridesmaids were at the hotel. This was formerly the Holiday Inn in Southgate but has recently changed hands. We had a great time for this Halloween wedding.

The service at Martha Mary Chapel Dearborn Michigan…

After getting ready in Southgate, everyone headed for Martha Mary Chapel in Greenfield Village. The downstairs dressing room is so beautiful for the bride. The groom stayed in his room except for the first touch. What a great expression on their faces as they reached around the corner and shared a prayer together. The service came off without a hitch. The pastor was from their home church. Knowing the couple as well as he did made for a beautiful service.

After the service, they came out and rang the bell for their guests and I took a huge group shot in front. It’s hard to count how many people are there but I would guess close to 80 or 90. That would make sense because I think that’s about what the chapel holds.

Off to the party at Wyndham Garden Southgate…

The room was set at Wyndham Garden Southgate and cocktails were well underway when we arrived. The Halloween theme was in full swing. As the couple entered the room, they took to the dance floor for their first dance. Interestingly, they also danced with mother son and father daughter. It’s unusual to see this before dinner but that’s what they decided to do. It was really beautiful to watch.

During dinner I was talking with the DJ and he shared a funny story from this banquet room from some years back. He recalled a scene where he watched a young boy sliding on his knees across the dance floor and under the cake table. He watched this in astonishment and kept thinking the parents were going to get control of the situation. They did not. He recounted going to get the bride and groom from out in the hall area while they were doing some pictures. He let them handle the situation with the parents of the boy.

I couldn’t believe the story and my jaw was on the floor as I listened to him tell the tale. The cake did not topple but I remember listening to this story in complete astonishment. Fortunately that didn’t happen at this Wyndham Garden Southgate wedding but it was a crazy memory from the past where all ends well.

Dancing and night shots at Wyndham Garden…

After dinner the couple hit the dance floor again with all the guests and the party raged on. It was a full moon and our night shots were some of the most spectacular fall shots I have seen. It is so beautiful when we get this kind of sky and full moon to do shots with. I just love the look.

We wish this couple the very best life has to offer and we can’t wait to be back for our next Wyndham Garden Southgate Michigan wedding!

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Wedding: Martha-Mary Chapel Dearborn MI
Reception: Wyndham Garden Southgate MI
Photographers:  Patrick A.  &  Photojournalist

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