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Stephanie & David held their celebration at Mystic Creek Golf Club Wedding Milford.  She was a gorgeous bride!   Beautiful bright eyes and a smile that lights up a room!  They never stopped having fun that day.  The Railroad Tracks were one of the high lights and such a blast!  Patrick and Ryan are a great team and covered this wedding excellently! 

The list of great shots goes on and on, Stephanie even threw a coin in the fountain, (they won’t need much luck)  – they have a match made in heaven.   One of the groomsmen was goofing around and after first doing a face plant, Patrick got the coolest shot of him high in the air jumping off a hill!  Mystic Creek is such a pretty place to celebrate together with family and friends and that is exactly what Dave and Stephanie did, they celebrated!  Some of our favorite shots are…. the Loitering sign, the bride & groom faded out in the background, them behind the Mystic Creek sign, some of the dance shots with Stephanie’s gown twirling, and of course all of the night time shots!  Stephanie and David, it was a pleasure!

We would like to send out a special thank you  to Tracy at Mystic Creek for sending this client and others our way.  We love working with Tracy at Mystic and she knows we will always take great care of her clients!

Click here if you would like to see the clients final Wedding Album Design layout!

Wedding:  Mystic Creek Milford MI
Reception:  Mystic Creek Golf Club Banquet Center
Other Spots:  Downtown Milford MI
Photographers:  Patrick A.  &  Ryan L.