Patrick Abel wedding photograph
Patrick A. Photographer
How we met…

I remember getting a call for Robyn & Collette’s Paint Creek Country Club wedding in Lake Orion MI.  We met for the first time at the same coffee shop I first met my wife in.  It was such a great feeling to walk into the place and  feel such great memories return to me.  I got a coffee and waited for the couple.  When they arrived we talked and talked for quite a long time.  I loved the energy Robyn & Collette had for each other and was so honored to shoot their wedding.  I knew we had hit it off great and everyone we excited.

The wedding…

We met up at Paint Creek Country Club before the service for a few getting ready shots.   We then went outside overlooking the course for a few shots with their children and a family.  The service quickly followed.  There was a storm rolling in from the west so we got started a little ahead of schedule.  We were not quick enough, the rain started and everyone scrambled inside to finish the service.  It was big fun and everyone was have a great time!

The party…

What a delightful day all around.  I had a great time with the couple and their friends as the evening rolled on.  At one point in the night I remember looking out and seeing the most beatiful sky as the sun went down.  I showed Robyn and she immediately knew what I was thinking.  We took off and got some of the pretty shots of the summer! 

We had the privilege of photographing this beautiful wedding for Collette & Robyn.  What a great day and even though it stared to rain they had one of the best days of their lives.

Wedding: Paint Creek Golf Club Lake Orion
Reception: Paint Creek Country Club Lake Orion

Photographer: Patrick A.