Erica & Tom: 2|42 Community Church Ann Arbor and Weber’s Boutique Hotel Ann Arbor wedding reception

The first look at at the Law Quad Ann Arbor…

Erica & Tom wanted the most important day of their lives to take place in Ann Arbor, and what better spot for a first look than the Law Quad at the University of Michigan.  One of the first things everyone noticed about the day of the wedding was how colorful everything was!  And as the day progressed, we were also able to capture the colorful personalities of the bride and groom and their constant smiles!  When we finished up there, we headed out to the church: 2I42 Community Church Ann Arbor.

The service at 2I42 Community Church Ann Arbor…

I had never been to this church before but found it to be a fantastic and fun location.  The lighting was a particular challenge with the bright spots on the stage and the very dark seating area all around.  I enjoy a good challenge like this and it is always fun to pull out good shots in tough conditions.

The reception at Weber’s Boutique Hotel Ann Arbor…

The reception was held at Weber’s Boutique Hotel Ann Arbor, another one of my favorites in the Ann Arbor area.  They are so easy to work with and have the best food in the city!   I remember the toasts to be particularly heart felt.  After dinner the buffet table was moved out of the way and the dancing began! Later in the evening, one of my favorite photos was a night shot of Erica & Tom outside Weber’s Inn!  Wow, the colors just popped!  Congratulations once again, we wish you all the best in your married life together!

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We can’t wait for our next 2/42 Community Church wedding!

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Wedding:  2|42 Community Church – Ann Arbor 
Reception:  Weber’s Boutique Hotel Ann Arbor
Other Spots:   Law Quad Ann Arbor
Photographer:  Patrick A.