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Philadelphia is one of my favorite cities in the US and Tom & Kandice were one of my favorite couples of all time!  I flew in on Friday morning and had a look around the city and did some location scouting.  After a few hours I got hungry and was asking around for a good place to get a bite to eat and was told by a cab driver to check out Reading Terminal Market.  What a great suggestion and then I took off again and looking for some great spots to shoot on Saturday.  This is a gorgeous city with one great spot after another!  I knew the family from shooting Tom’s sister’s wedding in Detroit and when I met up with the family they invited me to come to the rehearsal dinner and meet the other side and have dinner with them.  I thought this would be fun and I might get some good shots.

Saturday was a shot gun start at Lowes Hotel downtown with all the Kandice’s bride’s maids getting ready.  I bounded back and forth between Kandice & Tom’s room for a while

Wedding:  Cathedral Basilica SS. Peter & Paul Philadelphia PA
Reception:  Crystal Tea Room Philadelphia PA
Other Spots: Downtown Philadelphia PA
Photographer:  Patrick A.