A summer wedding at One Campus Martius not to be outdone…

Reanna and Terence’s wedding was held at Elevate at One Campus Martius Event Space on the 16th floor in Detroit Michigan on a beautiful but rainy afternoon. We started out at Sonder Gabriel Richard hotel in Detroit for our getting ready pictures. The couple had separate rooms in the hotel and I was able to bounce back and forth between rooms to get some really pretty shots. It works well with one photographer when they’re getting ready in the same general vicinity for this type of coverage.

Patrick Abel wedding photograph
Patrick A. Photographer

We spent about 30 or 40 minutes and selected a few key shots for this blog post. The rain was light and intermittent so photographing outside was a little bit of a challenge as you might imagine. We jumped in a car and headed up toward the Detroit library and the Detroit Institute of Arts. Walking around the space was a lot of fun with the umbrella as a nice prop to some of the shots. As you can see, it didn’t rain the whole time but the air quality was absolutely gorgeous what with all the humidity in the air. As sunlight is diffused through moisture in the air, it creates a very smooth lighting down at ground level. I absolutely love this look!

Back at Elevate at One Campus Martius Event Space in downtown Detroit…

We made our way back to Elevate at One Campus Martius Event Space on the 16th floor. It is an incredible space and one that has been proposed specifically for hosting events. It is run by the Dan Gilbert conglomerate and as you might imagine, it is extremely well run. We had the privilege of working with Lauren Jacks with Rock Events in preparation for the event. They are the group in charge of booking for this space as well as the company’s other properties around town.  We were greeted by an enthusiastic and very competent staff. I had time to get a few getting ready shots of the room before the service was held in front of the floor to ceiling windows overlooking the city.

It was quite a challenge to get a good exposure because the windows provided an incredibly strong backlight to the couple. It looked fantastic but this is an extremely challenging lighting situation. You can put flash in on the couple however that will reflect back and bounce off the glass if you are not careful. Experience has taught us many things and this is one of the more important and challenging lighting situations a photographer can run into.

The party after the service…

After the service concluded, we took care of about 15 minutes of important family photos before the couple was introduced into the room. The party was run by Duane Serrano of Unique Entertainment Productions. They are a fine company and we endorse them wholeheartedly. They run a great event and are always well organized. They’re good on the mic and good with the people. Duane got everyone organized and ready to enter the room and with everyone on their feet, the room erupted in applause for the new couple.

They made their way over to the cake table for some formalities and dinner was underway. Though typically we don’t photograph a lot during dinner, we will sometimes get table photos or details of the event and try to fill in some pretty shots from the venue. In this particular case we were scoping out our next move for the night shots later in the day. It paid off because our night shots turned out spectacularly as you will see.

Dancing and the afterglow…

After dinner, the couple took to the dance floor for their first dance. They also enjoyed a really nice shot of the entire group at the event after the couple did their first dance. Duane helped organize this for the couple. The event space has a wraparound balcony that people can walk out on to enjoy a clear view of the city. It had a nice overhang that couples could stay in out of the rain. It truly is an amazing space!

As our time on location was winding down the couple broke away for about 10 minutes to get some spectacular night shots. I am so happy when people allow me to take advantage of such a beautiful opportunity like the one we were presented with at Elevate at One Campus Martius Event Space in Detroit. We hope to be back here again soon for another event.  I wish this couple the very best life has to offer and look forward to seeing them at some other friends’ weddings. We got some great feedback and think we will be working for their friends soon enough!

We can’t wait for our next One Campus Martius Detroit MI wedding!

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The Knot Best of Weddings 2023 Certificate Special Moments Photography
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Pre Wedding:  Sonder Gabriel Richard Hotel Detroit  and Detroit Public Library
Wedding & Reception:   Elevate at One Campus Martius Detroit
Photographer:  Patrick A.

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