A senior wedding at home on short notice…

I am thinking back to the phone call I got from one of our photographers the day before this wedding in Romulus. Barbara and Stan were going to tie the knot and April got a call from her Aunt Barbara that informed her there was a wedding coming up in a week or so. Barbara was wondering if April could attend her wedding. April of course wanted to be at her aunt’s wedding but also wanted to capture some images of the event. After some conversation with her aunt, she agreed to let us take some pictures of her event. It’s an interesting story and one that doesn’t happen a lot. It certainly holds a high rank for a wedding with the shortest notice.

The wedding in Romulus MI…
Patrick Abel wedding photograph
Patrick A. Photographer

I was asked to come and snap a few pictures of the events as it unfolded. They wanted me to be unobtrusive and in the background – they didn’t want to call a bunch of attention to things. It was an interesting approach and request but one that I thought would be big fun. Having only been called the day before the event, there was no chance to meet anybody ahead of time. A quick handshake and a great smile seemed to do the trick and we were off and running.

It was a very small wedding in Romulus MI with only about 20 people in attendance and they were strictly family and the closest of friends. Barb and Stan had met later in life after losing their spouses and wanted to share this moment with their loved ones. It seemed like a fantastic idea so I hit the ground running and started photographing. In a normal situation, we would have plenty of time to talk about the plans, talk about the shots, talk about the way the day was going to flow. A good planning meeting is always super helpful but in this case there wasn’t time. I think they were just excited that someone professional had come at the request of their niece to capture some images.

After the fact…
April B. Wedding Photographer
April B. Photographer

I got some great feedback after the fact about the pictures and it felt so good to me to just simply dive in and try to find some interesting moments. It means a lot to me as a photographer to capture moments that are ephemeral by nature. A wedding comes and goes and having a photographic record helps people remember some of the key moments that occur that you wouldn’t recall otherwise. I don’t want to go on too much about that idea but that’s really what drives great photography – a desire to stop the clock.

It is my sincere wish that they enjoy these moments and reflect on them as the years go by. All the best to the family and it is wonderful to see two people find love again later in life.

We can’t wait for our next wedding in Romulus!

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