Some thoughts on the wedding…

What a beautiful arnaldos riverview wedding!  I was floored by Chelsea & Thomas’ genuine devotion and deep mutual appreciation. The look on their faces as they took their first dance (above) says it all! I’m so happy to have captured such profound emotion.  This truly is extraordinary love.

This snowy day in January started out at St. Thomas A-Becket in Canton. The community church was the perfect place for these families to join treasured traditions and stories.  And a classic winter wedding is always fun. Each bridesmaid’s dress had a personalized dress hanger, the wire in the shape of their name. How clever! I loved their color choice of deep poinsettia red on snowy white. It was perfect for the season — and perfect for such deep and radiant love. 

Lisa H. Photographer
Lisa H. Photographer
A wedding in the snow…

Chelsea sparkled like fresh snow in her fluffy layered dress, adorned with icicle-like lace and glittery gems. She stood among six beaming bridesmaids in red, like cardinals in the snow.  Everyone could feel this fresh and absolutely radiant emotion as Thomas & Chelsea took their first steps as partners in life.

Their infectious joy livened up the celebration all night. Chelsea is so adorable that you can’t help but smile when she smiles! We took some stunning snowy outdoor shots at Trenton’s Elizabeth Park, then headed to Arnaldo’s Banquet Center in Riverview.  One of my favorite shots is Thomas dancing with his mother. What a pleasure to enjoy the company of such kind and caring people. 

Looking Forward…

We all love the shots of Chelsea’s father, bursting into tears upon seeing her. Their love — both between Chelsea and Thomas and within their families — is so genuine, deep, and absolutely amazing. I just know they’ll enjoy this new exciting chapter together!

–And lucky us, we get to photograph Chelsea’s sister later this year!

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We can’t wait for our next St. Thomas A-Becket wedding!

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Wedding:  St. Thomas A-Becket, Canton MI
Reception:  Arnaldos Banquet Center, Riverview MI
Other Spots:  Bishop Park Wyandotte MI

Photographer:  Lisa H.