Some thoughts on this Reefhouse Resort & Marina wedding in Key Largo…

Reefhouse Resort & Marina in Key Largo has now opened its doors. It was formerly a Marriott property. We are excited to look back at a wedding shot not too long ago on the beach there. Learning that Reefhouse had come up under new management in the last few weeks gave us an opportunity and an idea to publish some pictures from a memorable wedding we shot there.

Alex and Nana called us for this destination wedding. They were a fabulous couple that we liked so much. We made plans to fly into Miami and drive down to the keys. I got down there a couple of days early and scouted the locations for some great shot opportunities.

Meeting up with the couple…

The couple arrived and we met up for a pina colada on the ocean and some conversation about our plans. There was a gorgeous sunset that first night and we took advantage of it. The next day when the sun was out and the skies were clear, we walked around and talked about some great shot locations and snapped a few pictures around the property.

The day of the wedding was hot and muggy. There is a picture of the inside of the canopy that I took with my lens all fogged up. It was very humid and the cameras needed to adjust. It’s kind of a neat shot to look at. Their wedding was held on the beach with just the two of them and the officiant. It was a beautiful and intimate wedding service.

The wedding lasted roughly 10 or 15 minutes with a little champagne toast and some beautiful sentiments shared between the two. After the service, we walked around for a while and got some gorgeous pictures on the property again in their beautiful wedding attire.

Later that night…

It was so much fun to work in this space, I would go back there in a heartbeat. Later in the night when the sun was going down they met me on the beach for a few more night shots. We had a great time and said our goodbyes, I am pretty sure they were heading for a beautiful dinner. I love these kinds of weddings. A small intimate wedding can be as beautiful, if not more so, than the monster weddings we sometimes see. People can get trapped into inviting hundreds of guests and they are big fun, however these small weddings are just as meaningful in my eyes.

We hope the couple enjoys the pictures and we sure had a great time photographing them. It makes me want to go back down to the keys and spend some time meandering through some small towns. I got a chance to drive around a bit while I was there and fell in love with the Florida keys.

We can’t wait for our next Reefhouse Resort & Marina wedding!

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Wedding:  Reefhouse Resort & Marina Key Largo FL
Reception: Back at the Royal Park Hotel Rochester MI
Photographer:  Patrick Abel

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