Crysta & Brian’s Wellers East Garden service & Raisin River Room Reception Saline MI

Some thoughts on this Wellers East Garden wedding…

Crysta and Brian’s Wellers East Garden wedding was an absolutely beautiful event. We met up at the hospitality house on the hill in town. The hospitality house is a beautiful facility that Wellers provides to its guests. It is our understanding that you can rent a part of the house for your group to get ready. We photograph here quite a lot and find it to be a gorgeous spot for the bride and the groom to get ready. There are separate quarters and one can easily keep the two groups separated.

Lisa H. Photographer
Lisa H. Photographer
The wedding service…

We spent about an hour with the two sides before Crysta came down for the service. The service was held in Weller’s East Garden. It is interesting that we found this to be the more popular garden this past summer. We’re not really sure why, but that’s kind of how it works out. Some seasons we find ourselves in the West Garden more but how this plays out is kind of a mystery. We love either one: each has its own attributes and we try to bring out the most in both locations.

The service was conducted by one of their close friends that knew them well. She did a fabulous job with making the service very personal. Having two shooters is sometimes necessary at some of the larger weddings. This was a pretty small wedding yet they still wanted two shooters, so the coverage was wonderful.  We are often asked by the couple whether they need a second shooter. We are very careful not to push one way or the other. It is really up to the couple and comes down to a want versus need question.

April B. Wedding Photographer
April B. Photographer
Family photos and around the grounds…

After the service the couple signed the license and came back for some family photos in the garden. After a few minutes, the families were sent off to cocktail hour while the bride and groom stayed back for some gorgeous pictures around the grounds.

The party in the Raisin River Room…

The reception was held in the Raisin River Room. This is the old part of the facility. The beautiful stone walls provide a great backdrop for a very rustic and intimate feeling for this room. After a lovely dinner, the couple took to the dance floor for their first dance and the party was underway. At some point in the evening the couple went back outside for a few final photos. The smile on Crysta’s face in the last picture of the blog tells the whole story.

She was one happy bride and the groom was one lucky man. We wish this couple the very best life has to offer and we appreciated the fabulous feedback they gave us on their wedding pictures! It was truly a pleasure and we hope that you enjoy this look back at a gorgeous wedding.

We can’t wait for our next Wellers East Garden wedding!

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Getting Ready:  Hospitality House Saline
Wedding:  Wellers East Garden
Reception:  Wellers Raisin River Room Saline
Photographers:  Lisa H.  &  April B.

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