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Sarah & Robert’s beautiful fall wedding reception at Cantoro’s Italian Market & Trattoria Plymouth with service held at Greenmead Church Livonia MI.

We had a lot of fun shooting for Robert & Sarah at their wedding!  Greenmead Church was as gorgeous as always but we landed at a new spot for the reception, Cantoro’s Italian Market & Trattoria in Plymouth MI.  The food and the atmosphere were out of this world!  Cantoro’s Tom OCallahan, John Paterra and the team at Cantoro’s pulled out the stops for them.  The party, the food & the wine are still being talked about by the families.  What a pleasure to be there and be a part of this great night.  We hope the photos are enjoyed by everyone for years to come!

Wedding: Greenmead Church Livonia 

Reception: Cantoro’s Italian Market & Trattoria Plymouth
Additional Location: Home
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