Robert & Monica: Fine Art Wedding Album Design Plymouth Manor Plymouth MI

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Fine Art Simple Wedding Album Design Layout.

We are now ready to present the Fine Art Simple Wedding Album Design for Monica & Robert at Plymouth Manor Plymouth MI!

What a great wedding and we loved working with Monica & Robert.  We had a great time and I hope they enjoy their Fine Art Wedding Album design.  A side note:  This is kind of a hybrid of our Fine Art–this design has the fine art archival pages but has straight borders around the photos.  You will see in some of our posts that this is a unique page that we are sometimes asked to produce for our clients.  Have fun and thanks again!

A note on our logo on these photos…

It is important to point out that our actual final wedding albums do not have our logo plastered through them.  The logo you see on these BLOG post images are just for the web.  This helps us should someone stumble on an image that we shot, it can lead them back to our site and we just might get a booking out of it. 

Type of Album:  Vintage  Fine Art Wedding Album Design
Location:  Plymouth Manor Plymouth MI