Kathy & Dave’s St. Clare of Montefalco Grosse Pointe Park wedding.

Some thoughts on this wedding retrospective…

We wanted to take a look back at a gorgeous wedding that was shot sometime back. We learned that Blossom Heath had closed and we’re feeling a bit nostalgic. This wedding was held at St Clare of Montefalco in Grosse Pointe Park. Kathy and Dave got married on a beautiful summer afternoon. We were asked to be present for only about 30 minutes before the service so the getting ready shots we normally get were rather limited but worth showing you a few key moments.

The couple and their service at St. Clare of Montefalco …

Kathy was such a gentle soul and a sweet person to work with. Dave was of equal character. Still waters run deep is a phrase that I would use for these two. Clearly highly trained and very well educated, they came across with poise and elegance.

Patrick Abel wedding photograph
Patrick A. Photographer

During the service David’s father recited about a 10 minute reading from memory. It was incredible to watch him deliver this message and I realized why he was such a fabulous and well respected trial lawyer. Knowing your material and being able to recall it that eloquently was jaw-dropping to watch. The couple got married in one of the more beautiful Catholic churches in the area.

Some excitement after the service…

After the service we took a few family photos, my favorite shots are of the bride in profile with her elegant train flowing down the stairs. Such an elegant young lady with great social grace and poise. We were going to take a few pictures over at Blossom Heath after we left the church. I was asked to stay with a couple and follow them over to the reception. I waited in the parking lot next to their car for probably 10 minutes thinking that they would eventually come out of the church. They did not. I approached one of the doors and could hear them talking behind it and asked them when they were coming out.

To my great surprise and alarm, they announced that they were locked in and couldn’t get out of the church. I hustled over to the rectory and got someone to help us get the two out of the church so they could go to their wedding reception! I can’t imagine what would have happened if I had driven away.

The reception at Blossom Heath…

We got to the park and there was really no time to take pictures, they were ready to be introduced into the room so we turned our attention very quickly in that direction. The goal was to go out a little later, which we did. The couple came into the banquet to a room full of loving and welcoming guests. After a splendid dinner served up by Koch Catering, the couple took to the dance floor.

She danced with her father and he with his mother then, the dance floor was open to all. The festivities began and the fun was on. I captured a few candids of the ruckus and the celebration. What a great group and such a fun wedding to photograph. As the sun went down we made our way out for a few night shots. One of our pictures hung in the office at Blossom Heath for several years. We were very proud of that picture, I don’t know what happened to it but if I could get it back, we put it on our wall.

Looking forward…

It is really fun to look back at this wedding and see this beautiful couple celebrating their evening together when they joined their lives inextricably and forever. We wish them the very best life it has to offer and know that they will do well in life together.  Special Moments hopes you enjoy this retrospective, it certainly is a joy to look back on it. We hope that Blossom Heath finds its footing again and opens back up someday.

We can’t wait for our next St. Clare of Montefalco wedding!

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Wedding: St. Clare of Montefalco Grosse Pointe Park
Reception:  Blossom Heath St. Clare Shores
Photographer:  Patrick A.

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