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Danese and Josh had their “first look” just off the lobby of the elegant Dearborn Inn.  What a look it was! The reactions on their faces portrayed genuine excitement from both of them.  Then is was off to stroll through The Village.  On this clear fall day we were able to take a ride on the carousel, cross the old wooden bridge and take a real horse and carriage ride.  Every which way we turned there was opportunity for beautiful photos and we took full advantage!  

The gardens were lush and the smiles were in full bloom.  Even during the ceremony smiles and giggles were contagious.  Henry Ford Museum with its chandeliers and infamous aircraft hanging from it’s high ceilings offers some unique backdrops not found at every venue.  As  Danese and Josh stepped out into the cool night air for some night shots a light sprinkle started to fall almost as if on cue.  What great luck for us and what great sports they were!  The results were stunning.  Thank you Danese and Josh and we wish you continued joy.

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Wedding:  Henry Ford Museum Wedding Photos Dearborn
Reception:  Henry Ford Museum Dearborn
Other Spots:  Dearborn Inn Dearborn MI    &   Greenfield Village Dearborn MI

Photographer:  Patrick A.   &   Second Shooter
Album Design Style:  Coffee Table Design Style