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It was a beautiful day in Dearborn for Theresa & Patrick’s wedding outside at the Dearborn Inn.   We started out in the bride’s suite with her getting ready and then off the guys room to see what they were up to.  The day came off without a hitch as Theresa walked out of the Patrick Henry House and down the walkway in those cool blue shoes.  One of our favorite moments was when you see Patrick over Theresa’s shoulder as she is walking in, the look on his face was so telling of the moment.   After the wedding we walked around the grounds and had a little time for just the bride and groom then they went to check out their set up in Alexandra Ballroom.  Everything looked perfect and the party was underway.  The Paul Keller Band out of Ann Arbor put on a great show, they are a fantastic band their sound is phenomenal!  Guests came in from all over the world for this wedding and they danced all night.  We managed to steal the bride and groom for about 10 minutes and went out for some great night shots that will make a beautiful closer for their wedding album.  All the best to you two and thanks for having us as a part of your wedding celebration.

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Wedding photographs:  Dearborn Inn wedding & reception  Dearborn
Photographer:  Patrick A.   |   Second Shooter:  photojournalist