(Click image to open BLOG Post)Megan & Roland’s Wedding at Inn at St John’s Grande Ballroom Plymouth MICall us today at 1-734-453-4321

This was one of the prettiest weddings all season!  The list of our favorites goes on and on!  Fist of all, Megan had the biggest blue eyes ever, which went along with the brightest blue sky & puffy white clouds!  A bride can only dream of such a perfect day!  Her cathedral veil was stunning, and the backdrop of the Inn at St. John’s was perfect!  Everyone will tell you, “make sure you remember to breath, and be present”, well, Megan & Roland did just that!  Her smile was contagious, and the kids brought so much personality to the day, you just had to smile!  They love each other – lots of emotional moments, and joyful is a word that comes to mind!  We wish you a future filled with nothing but continued love.  And we thank you for the opportunity to photograph your very beautiful wedding day!

Wedding:  St. John Center Inn Plymouth
Reception:  Inn at St John’s Grande Ballroom Plymouth