Kelly & Chris’ wedding & reception: Michigan League Ballroom Wedding Ann Arbor MI

Patrick Abel wedding photograph
Patrick A. Photographer

Michigan League Ballroom Wedding Ann Arbor.   We had been looking forward to shooting this wedding for a long time.  When Kelly & Chris first came to us she had scoped out a special engagement request to have shots in all 4 seasons.  Can you tell she is a planner?  It was such a cool idea and so we set out to accomplish this and so we had lots of contact with them leading up to wedding.   The day of the wedding came with great anticipation. 

We split up the photographers to head in different directions before the service to cover more ground.  The wedding was held in the Michigan League ballroom with a challenging back lit situation.  It is beautiful to see the shots when they are done well.  We then took off for some fun around town.  Chris worked at the Washtenaw Dairy when he was younger so they went back and the owners let him make his wife a cone!  Back at the party it was a perfect night, they had rehearsed a dance and put on a real show for the guests then the flood gates opened and it seemed like the dance floor was full all night! 

As they left the party we got some really cool shots of them leaving through a tunnel of sparklers.  A little side note: Kelly had come to us through a recommendation from her grandfather Mr. Pat O’Malley who is one of the finest black & white photograph printers in the country.   It was a real honor to be able to shoot for the family of such a well respected fellow artist.

All the best to you two and thanks for letting us be a part of your day.

We can’t wait for our next Michigan League Ballroom wedding!

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Wedding: Michigan League
Reception:  Michigan League Ballroom Wedding Ann Arbor 
Other Spots:  Downtown Ann Arbor, The Bell Tower Hotel Ann Arbor

Photographer:  Patrick A.  &  photojournalist