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The Greenmead Church Livonia MI “micro wedding” was amazing in many ways!  I love some of the small and intimate weddings I get to shoot.  Lena & Joseph came to us over the summer and scoped out this project and I was instantly in love with the idea.  A small wedding for about 25 of their closest family and friends and they wanted to capture the day in a way that was special and with a vision they could see in their minds eye.  I love projects like this and I was on fire.  We started out at Lena’s home and then took off for Greenmead Church in Livonia for the wedding photographs.  Spent some time with the groom and a couple of shots with his sweet little Porsche.  I love Greenmead Church for wedding photography, it was one of the very early wedding locations for me as a photographer and I have a soft spot for shooting there.

After the wedding the sun was going down and we hustled outside for some quick sunset shots then I got to jump in the little Porsche with them and go shoot at some other spots around the area.  It has been some time since I have shot at Plymouth Crossing Restaurant, it seats about 30 people, it is a beautiful spot for an intimate wedding reception.

Wedding Photos:  Greenmead Church Livonia MI
Receptions photos: Plymouth Crossing Plymouth MI
Photographer:   Patrick A.