Joshua & Laura’s Blessed Sacrament Wedding Detroit MI, DYC Reception

Some thoughts on this Blessed Sacrament wedding…

It is fun to take a step back in time and look at Joshua and Laura’s Blessed Sacrament wedding in Detroit Michigan. The reception was held at the Detroit Yacht Club.

Patrick Abel wedding photograph
Patrick A. Photographer

We started out about an hour before the service. The couple wanted to wait to see each other so we did some separate photos. This is an absolutely gorgeous Church in so many ways.  The couple was dressed in their wedding attire when they arrived so our photos focused primarily on some beauty shots around the church.

The Mass at Blessed Sacrament Detroit MI…

It came time for the mass and to photograph it is a bit challenging in a big church like this. The idea was primarily staying out of the way and not distracting attention from any Blessed Sacrament wedding. Foremost is to capture gorgeous angles of the couple’s wedding vows. One of my favorite shots from this wedding is taken outside the church as the bride is approaching the main doors.

The priest was fabulous! We absolutely love this church. They have some tight rules but there’s always a good reason for them. We can certainly work within the constraints and not be a distraction to the service and still capture gorgeous angles! After the mass, we spent a little time doing family photos. Usually the family photos take about 15 or 20 minutes then we were off to play around downtown Detroit.

Outside photos around Belle Isle MI…

Our first stop was Belle Isle at the fountain. They picked a couple of other minor spots around town but our focus was on the island. The guests for the wedding had made their way to the Detroit yacht Club for cocktails. We were not far behind. Another one of my favorite pictures is of the little girls watching out the window as the cars pulled up, dropping off family and friends in front of the Yacht Club.

The wedding reception at Detroit Yacht Club…

Laura and Joshua were introduced into the room to a very enthusiastic and welcoming crowd. The applause was heartfelt and pure. They took to the dance floor for their first dance right out of the gate. It is fun to see the couple get on the dance floor right away and open up the party this way.

After dinner was served the dance floor was open and the party was on. We chose a few highlights from the hundreds of pictures we took and hope this gives you a sense of the wild evening. Later on in the night we went outside on the docks for some night shots. The sky was absolutely beautiful and our night shots turned out very well. There was a light breeze blowing and you could see the wind in her hair.

Night shots and where we go from here…

We went back upstairs and said our goodbyes and headed back to the studio to load the images onto our server. It’s always important to get our files backed up right away. It is a safety net for us as well as our customers. The editing of the wedding takes a week or two to work our way through all the images. Once the proofs are released it is then up to the couple to decide what they want in their wedding album.

These blog posts are highlights of just a few of the images we thought were special and told the story of what went on that day. Hundreds upon hundreds of images are taken and it’s always fun to narrow it down but we hope you enjoy this highlight reel. We wish Josh and Laura the very best life has to offer!

We can’t wait for our next Blessed Sacrament wedding!

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Wedding: Blessed Sacrament Wedding Detroit MI
Reception: Detroit Yacht Club Detroit MI
Photographer:  Patrick Abel

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