Heidy & Marcin’s wedding at Sweetest Heart of Mary Detroit & 2Gather Elegant Event Venue in Auburn Hills MI

Wedding at Sweetest Heart of Mary Catholic Church Detroit MI…

Heidy and Marcin’s wedding was held at the Sweetest Heart of Mary in Detroit with the reception at 2Gather Elegant Event Venue in Auburn Hills Michigan. The couple came to us through another wedding we had photographed for a good friend a few months before. It was great to see everyone! We started out at the church for a few getting ready photos before the procession took place. All eyes were on Heidy as she emerged from her limousine and entered the main doors of the church. This is absolutely one of the most beautiful churches in the city. It’s a strong congregation that has been an anchor point for the Polish community for many decades in Detroit.

We took our photographs from some gorgeous vantage points trying to feature the beautiful architecture in this church. It’s always a delicate balance to try and figure out how to tell the story by using accommodation of photographic lenses. We used a wide angle lenses for getting a feel for the overall look at the church and used a combination of zoom lenses for getting the close-ups of the details like the candle lighting. I think you can see how a good mix creates a beautiful collection of pictures for a wedding service.

After the service, we took a few family photos before everyone loaded up and headed out to Auburn Hills for the reception. 2Gather Wedding Venue was our destination and many of the guests had headed up there right away for cocktail hour while the couple stayed back for some gorgeous pictures around the church.

2Gather in Auburn Hills for the reception…

This is a stunning location for wedding receptions. It is an intimate space and perfect for this size wedding! The room was set and everyone prepared themselves for the couples grand entrance. Marcin and Heidy came into a fabulous applause! They moved toward their cake cutting first then proceeded with some toast by the principles.

I wish I could recall who catered the meal, Jennifer at the reception hall will guide you through her favorite pics. Dinner was served and I heard lots of really nice comments about the meal. The couple was kind enough to include us in the meal and we can vouch for the quality as well!

The couple took to the dance floor after dinner for their first dance. It was followed by a very beautiful dance with the parents and the bridal party. There was also a beautiful traditional dance where the bride and groom stand on chairs while people parade under her dress train that was held up high. It was a festive evening with lots of laughter and play.

After some time, we went outside for a few night shots. They were absolutely stunning! We hope you enjoy these photos and we wish the couple the very best in their new life together.

Looking Forward…

If you are looking for a great spot for your wedding, call Jennifer Rickaby at 2Gather Elegant Event Venue at 248-724-6282 and tell them we sent you over.

We can’t wait for our next 2Gather wedding!  In your journey to see more great wedding photography from Sweetest Heart of Mary Detroit MI, check out Amy & Jeff’s wedding here.

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Wedding Service:  Sweetest Heart of Mary Detroit MI
Reception:   2Gather Elegant Event Venue Auburn Hills MI
Photographer:  Patrick A.

We now headed off to the reception at 2Gather Elegant Event Venue for the party.

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