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Shahla & Ryan’s Dearborn Inn Wedding Reception was a fun and dazzling spectacle that we will not soon forget!  We started off the day with shots of the couple getting ready, and the Dearborn Inn is especially photogenic for these moments–an elegant, softly-lit backdrop. Once ready, we captured Shahla and Ryan’s first look at each other, and then we went outside and toured the Dearborn Inn’s lovely grounds for some gorgeous photos!  The introduction to Shahla and Ryan’s Dearborn Inn wedding reception was amazing!  We were blown away by the sword dance!  The dancers bearing drums and swords were a thrill to watch and made for some pretty dramatic photos! What a fun, magical evening–we were so happy to be part of it!

Wedding:  Dearborn Inn
Reception:  Dearborn Inn Dearborn MI
Photographer:  Patrick A.