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Got the call to go shoot a nice wedding at Martha Mary Chapel during the winter.  I love winter weddings as a lot of you know, it is probably the most romantic time of year and the cozy feeling of these two locations is hard to beat.  I have been getting a lot of requests lately for more photos from The Eagle Tavern; it is a challenging space to work in because the entire room is only lit by candlelight.  It takes a very steady hand and some special lighting techniques that I love the look of.  I have always had a soft spot for Eagle Tavern; it was one of the first places I ever photographed a wedding reception at.

Edward & Sandy were very relaxed and their little girls were adorable.  I was surprised but very pleased, as cold as it was that night, that the couple was willing to go outside for some night shots and I love what we got for them!  So many times when the weather is not ‘ideal’ we end up with the great light because of that.  Great to work with you two and enjoy your photos!  We welcome your feedback below.

Wedding:  Martha/Mary Chapel Greenfield Village Dearborn
Reception:   Eagle Tavern Wedding Reception in Greenfield Village Dearborn

Photographer:  Patrick A.