Shawntez C. Wedding Photography Portfolio – Take 1

Photography has been a central part of my life for as long as I can remember. I’ve had a special connection ever since I held my first disposable camera. I spent much of my youth looking through the lens of a Kodak camera. No family trip or summer camp went unrecorded.

Shawntez C. Wedding Photographer
Shawntez C. Photographer

Every time I looked through the lens I was given the chance to see things from a new perspective. As time has progressed, as well as technology, my love for photography has only grown. It has been a wonderful journey, capturing moments with any lens. My favorite part is seeing a client’s face when I have captured that special unexpected moment.

I have made photography my passion and love sharing that passion through my art. I have spent the time studying from those who have pursued photography throughout their life. I have learned that a great moment is captured with atmosphere, gorgeous lighting, amazing food, and the personality of the people involved.

Working directly with clients enables me to learn their personalities and incorporate them into each moment. My ultimate goal is to capture their vision and memories so that they can be cherished forever. It is important for each client to feel relaxed and to have fun.

The Knot Best Of Weddings 2021 Special Moments Photography
Special Moments

As your personal photographer I will take the time and care to capture your day in the most memorable way possible helping you to create the moments that you can cherish for years to come.

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