Marsha & Patrick’s Wedding at The Shrine of the Little Flower & The Townsend Hotel Birmingham MI

We started out at The Townsend Hotel…

The wedding party and families got together at the Townsend Hotel in Birmingham a day or two before this radiant wedding. Mid-morning the day of the wedding is when we met up with the bride and groom at the Townsend Hotel. We spent a little bit of time with the bride as she finished getting ready. Here we selected a few key images for this blog post. We bounced back and forth between the bride and the groom’s suite. Patrick came downstairs and we get a few shots around the hotel while Martha stayed upstairs. As she was leaving we got a couple of nice pictures with her brothers and parents.

The Service at The Shrine of the Little Flower in Royal Oak…

After about an hour or so at the hotel we headed for the Shrine of the Little Flower Catholic Church in Royal Oak. With very little time to spare, the couple got lined up and the procession took place. The mass at The Shrine is typically about an hour and again we picked a few key shots to show off how beautiful this church is. Typically the family photos take about a 20 minutes. In a case like this where the church has very strict rules, you need to stick to a schedule. Often times the church has confession and a mass following a wedding and that will set the pace for how the church will run things.

Back to The Townsend Hotel in Birmingham for the reception…

Originally, they had planned to go to Cranbrook Gardens for some beautiful photos but they made the decision to join up with cocktail hour instead. Back at the Townsend Hotel in Birmingham we got ourselves situated for the grand entrance. The sword dance that preceded the couple’s entrance into the Hall was absolutely spectacular! This sword dance was performed perfectly. It was obvious these guys had practiced this many, many times and were impeccable in their performance.

An incredible dinner was served by the professional staff at the Townsend Hotel in Birmingham. I remember asking the pastry chef one time why their food and desserts tasted so amazing. His response was butter! “Great butter and lots of it!” He and I laughed but he said it’s so important to use only the highest quality ingredients in his pastries. The reputation he had developed over the years was so well deserved. The staff at the Townsend also deserves some kudos, they are top-notch!

The couple danced and played and the party raged on. A little later in the evening we went outside for a few night shots. It was a lovely evening and such a beautiful couple. We had an absolute ball with them and we wish them the very best life has to offer.

Looking forward…

If you are looking for a great spot for your wedding, call The Townsend Hotel at (248) 642-7900 and tell them we sent you over.

We can’t wait for our next Shrine of the Little Flower wedding! In your journey to see more great wedding photography from The Shrine, check out Katie & Frank’s wedding here.

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Wedding Service:  Shrine of the Little Flower wedding Royal Oak MI
Reception:   Townsend Hotel Birmingham MI
Photographer:  Patrick A.

Here we head back to The Townsend Hotel for the party!

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