Mark & Colleen’s Remembering our Wedding photos around Notre Dame Cathedral Paris France & some thoughts on the fire.

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Mark & Colleen’s Wedding photos around Notre Dame Cathedral Paris & Some thoughts on the recent fire.

We have been talking in the studio a lot this week about the fire damage to Notre Dame Cathedral Paris and remembering this wedding we shot for a fantastic couple in Paris.  They were outside the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris for some photos after the wedding at the Hotel Crillon Paris for some gorgeous night shots as we walked around the city enjoying its beauty.

Our heart goes out to the parish of Notre Dame Cathedral as they make Saint Eustache Paris their new home while repair efforts are underway.  The fire ravaged parts of the cathedral and destroyed its 13 century Oak timber rafters & iconic spire.  We watched in horror as the flames lapped into the evening sky above Paris.  As the next few days passed and we could see the damage was contained somewhat and all was not lost.  Many of the relics were saved and the great walls still stand.  As beautiful and historically important a church this has been, it will be off limits to visitors for some time while they rebuild from the damage.  If there is a silver lining to any of this it might be that some of the lesser known cathedrals in Paris will gain some visitors and some well deserved recognition.  For example, on the north side of the city is one of the very first Gothic Cathedrals ever built,  Basilica Cathedral of Saint Denis Paris France is unquestionably one of the finest I have ever seen.  This is one of the most historically significant sanctuaries and being out of downtown, one of the least visited.  You should make a point of going their on your visit.

I would like to take a look back at some photos from Mark & Colleen’s wedding and remember some happier times for Notre Dame Paris Cathedral.

Wedding:  Hotel de Crillon Place de la Concorde Paris France
Wedding Reception: Hôtel de Crillon Paris France
Other Spots:  Notre Dame Cathedral Paris France
Photographer: Patrick A. – Plymouth MI