Kristine and Jeffrey’s Newburg United Methodist Livonia & Italian American Club Livonia MI

Getting Ready for the wedding…

This was a Newberg United Methodist Church Livonia wedding and an Italian American Club Livonia wedding reception. Kristine and Jeffrey met us at the church to get ready. They did their first look, sometimes known as the first reveal, in the church before the service.

Patrick Abel wedding photograph
Patrick A. Photographer

They wanted to see one another and get the butterflies out of their stomachs before they came down the aisle. It’s a great move and I understand why. It can be a real stress reliever. Some people feel the other way and want the surprise of coming down the aisle and seeing each other then for the first time. Both approaches have their benefits.  It’s a choice that people make and we love photographing it either way.

The wedding service…

Kristine was radiant when she came into the church! It was such a beautiful entrance. I love the black and white shot of her and her dad with her family in the background. The lighting is spectacular and her smile tells the whole story. The couple shared their vows and the pastor was very good at performing the service. He clearly knew the couple very well. At some weddings you can tell the pastor doesn’t know the couple well and it comes off awkwardly, but this was not the case. You can tell from the smile on his face how much he enjoyed this wedding. After the service they signed their license and we took a few family photos.

The party…

We headed straight for the Italian American Club for the reception. The room was lit with a beautiful, purple, low angle light. I’m not sure who was responsible for that decision, but it was a fabulous one. The flowers were absolutely gorgeous as well. I loved the colors with the purple lighting. It was a stunning looking room. They cut their cake and enjoyed dinner.

After dinner the couple took to the dance floor for their first dance. What a scene and what a moment. Kristine and her father shared a dance and Jeffrey enjoyed a dance with his mother. The scene was set for a fabulous night of fun and dancing. I don’t think the bride left the dance floor the whole time. There’s a gorgeous shot of her dancing by herself with a cocktail in hand when the little flower girl came out to join her which I particularly enjoyed.
Later in the night around dusk we went outside for a few night shots. The sky was so dramatic with a very dense cloud cover. It was absolutely amazing.

Looking forward…

We can’t wait to see what they pick out for their album design. The whole process is a lot of fun to take their favorites and design something really beautiful for them. We wish this couple the very best life has to offer and we hope you enjoy the photos from this wedding.

We can’t wait for our next Italian American Club wedding!  If you are looking for a great spot to host your wedding, give Adam and his team a call over at the club 734-953-9724.

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Wedding:  Newburg United Methodist Livonia
Reception:  Italian American Club Livonia MI
Photographers:  Patrick A.

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