A gorgeous wedding at White House Wedding Chapel…

Heather and Cody’s wedding was held at White House Wedding Chapel in Warren Michigan. Their reception was at Arnaldo’s Banquet Center in Riverview Michigan. They made a stopover at Heritage Park in Taylor for their park photos.

We started out about 45 minutes before the service with Heather in the dressing room upstairs at White House Wedding Chapel. The colors she chose for her flowers and accessories were stunning! She looked absolutely gorgeous in her dress and a full bouquet as an accent. The dressing room at the chapel is quite spacious and easy to work in. We like it here very much and have enjoyed the staff. They always seem so helpful.

Sherry S. wedding photographer
Sherry S. Photographer

After some time, we made our way down to the groom’s dressing room just off the main entrance for a couple of nice shots of the group and a few shots of the groom. We’ve selected some key photos of the getting ready process. When everything was in place, Cody took his place at the front of the chapel and Heather came down the grand staircase as people watched and murmured how beautiful she looked.

The wedding service begins…

The service at the chapel usually takes about 20 minutes. It’s ample time to get around the room and get some really neat angles on the service. In almost all cases the time we’re given after the service is more than enough to get the family photos and access to the pretty gardens outside. There’s always another wedding coming on the heels of your event but at the chapel, they seem to have worked out the schedule so nobody feels rushed by the next group. It’s a pretty good setup from what we can see.

Maurice H. wedding photographer
Maurice H. Photographer

Loading up into the limousine, everyone headed off to Heritage Park down in Taylor. It’s a wonderful municipal Park that was on the way to the banquet center so our pit stop was well worth the effort. It’s a gorgeous place where the community has preserved some space and some older buildings for public use. There’s also a lovely covered bridge on the property. Though we haven’t been there in a couple of years, there’s also a chapel. It burned a couple of years ago and restoration work was planned. We’re not sure if it’s open yet for business but it is also available to the public.

Off to the party at Arnaldo’s Banquet Hall in Riverview…

When we felt like we had enough pictures and the couple was satisfied, we headed out again toward Arnaldo’s Banquet Hall in Riverview, Michigan. It is a lovely Hall with such beautiful accommodations. The couple got lined up and the guests took their seats. They came into a thunderous applause and headed for the head table. Toasts were in order and dinner was served.

After dinner and everyone was sated, the couple took to the dance floor. It’s such a lovely room and the lighting and ceiling are just spectacular. Heather danced with her father and Cody with his mom before the dance floor was opened up for everyone to join in the party. At a later point in the evening we went out to the lobby for some gorgeous shots in front of the water fountain and bubble light display. The party raged on and everyone enjoyed their time celebrating with Heather and Cody! We wish them the very best life has to offer and hope you enjoy this selection of images from their wedding.

We can’t wait for our next White House Wedding Chapel  service!

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The Knot Best of Weddings 2023 Certificate Special Moments Photography
Knot Best of 2023

Wedding Service:  White House Wedding Chapel Warren
Park:  Heritage Park Taylor
Reception:   Arnaldo’s Banquet Center Riverview
Photographers:   Sherry S.  and  Maurice H.

This is where we take off for the party at Arnaldo’s Banquet Hall in Riverview MI.  We had a great time at the party and got some great photos of the fun!

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