(Click image to open BLOG Post)Deepshikha & Ashvarya’s engagement at Ford Field Park in Dearborn MICall us today at +1 734-453-4321

We are pleased to present Deepshikha and Ashvarya’s Ford Field Park Dearborn Engagement!  The park’s red, covered bridge and weeping willows made a beautiful and colorful setting for our couple.  It was a warm, sunny, fall day and the afternoon light made the gold accents on Ashvarya’s sari glitter as Deepshikha had some fun spinning her around on the bridge.  After some classic, proposal shots, the couple wandered down a trail where we got some beautiful photos of the two amid a forest of dappled leaves and dark trunks.  Congratulations Deepshikha and Ashvarya!  We had so much fun shooting your engagement and we can’t wait for your upcoming wedding!

Engagement:  Ford Field Park Dearborn MI
Photographer: Patrick A.