Commercial Photography: Examples of Food, Macro and Objet d’art.

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Commercial, food, macro & objet d’art photography is an art unto itself.  We have some examples of the different types of photography below.  What makes them similar is the way light strikes small objects.  When light strikes an object from an oblique angle it can create some wonderful results.  Soft lighting will create certain looks and fill in shadows in interesting ways.  A sharper lighting pattern will create many different looks to a surface.  It is important to know when and where to use these techniques. 

Food and Wine Photography…

Food photography is all about ensuring delight in the viewer.  We want the observer to be drawn into the image and feel what we want to convey.  The product should come alive–aromas should gently float off the page.  We want it to glisten and exude freshness. Colors should pop against appealing backgrounds.  Everything should be in order right down to the polishing of the wine glasses.

Macro Photography…

Macro Photography is all about getting close and bringing out the details you want in the image.  In macro commercial photography, so much is about the point of focus and the way you shape the light around the object.  Getting close with a professional camera system will reveal details but give you a limited depth of field.  This must be controlled to draw the eye to the intended point on the product and bring out important features.

Objet d’art Photography…

Objet d’art photography is again an art in capturing the details the artist created in the piece.  When we handle these small and delicate works of art, a very gentle hand is needed so as not to damage the piece.  We have covered some very fine collections for insurance purposes as well as for sale of the item.  This requires an accurate and pleasing representation of the item.  Often it needs to include watermarks, touch marks as well as flaws found in the piece.  For an accurate appraisal these details are very important in accurate identification of the particular piece.  Having professional commercial photography of your collection can make all the difference in attaining your goals.

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