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Tammy & Joseph held their wedding at the one and only Henry Ford Estate Dearborn.  What a striking couple!  Tammy in her gorgeous gown, and Joseph looking very handsome, they had a very classic wedding.  Patrick had a ball with this wedding–he said the couple were so sweet and they were very into photography and gave him some time as they wandered the grounds.  You can see how gorgeous it is. Tammy was brave and playful enough to get out in the water and take a few steps across the falls!  It was a very intimate and personal morning wedding with a luncheon and no dancing.  Patrick thoroughly enjoyed photographing and working for you Tammy and Joseph, all the best to you.  Even though Henry Ford Estate is no longer hosting weddings, we are able to get onto the grounds for special events.

Wedding:  Henry Ford Estate Dearborn MI
Reception:  The Henry Ford Estate

Photographer:   Patrick A.