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It is truly a rare find to have a client who wants to do a true Black & White Fine Art Wedding Album.  I was so excited to see this one come in to us and with great excitement we started their design.  I remember the first time I saw this vintage gallery border on a black & white print: it was in the Chicago Museum of Art.  Some photographers were printing their images with a filled out negative carrier.  The look of the images just stopped me cold and I kept going back to look at them.  It was not long after that I printed a wedding I shot in Scotland this way and competed with it at PPA Nationals.   I am so delighted to see Morgan pick this look for her book.  It is going to be a great album and I will probably order an extra copy to show in our studio.

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Wedding:  St. John Catholic Fenton
Reception:  Lyon Oaks Wedding Reception South Lyon MI
Other Locations:  Downtown Brighton
Photographer:  Patrick A.