Patrick & Morgan’s Vintage Gallery Black & White Wedding Album Design | St. John Catholic Church Fenton Wedding | Lyon Oaks South Lyon MI


This is the wedding album design layout from Patrick & Morgan’s wedding at St. John Catholic Church Fenton.

It is truly a rare find to have a client who wants to do a true Black & White Fine Art Wedding Album.  I was so excited to see this one come in to us and with great excitement we started their design.  I remember the first time I saw this vintage gallery border on a black & white print: it was in the Chicago Museum of Art.  Some photographers were printing their images with a filled out negative carrier.

Patrick Abel wedding photograph
Patrick A. Photographer
After St. John Catholic Church Fenton…

The look of the images just stopped me cold and I kept going back to look at them.  It was not long after that I printed a wedding I shot in Scotland this way and competed with it at PPA Nationals.   I am so delighted to see Morgan pick this look for her book.  It is going to be a great album and I will probably order an extra copy to show in our studio.

A note about our logo on these images…

It is important to point out that our actual final wedding albums do not have our logo plastered through them.  The logo you see on these BLOG post images are just for the web.  This helps us should someone stumble on an image that we shot, it can lead them back to our site and we just might get a booking out of it. 

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Wedding:  St. John Catholic Fenton
Reception:  Lyon Oaks Wedding Reception South Lyon MI
Other Locations:  Downtown Brighton
Photographer:  Patrick A.