Kelsey & Ryan’s Inn at St. John’s Chapel & Atrium Wedding Plymouth MI

Lisa H. Photographer
Lisa H. Photographer

Kelsey and Ryan’s wedding at the Inn at St. John’s was an absolute bundle of joy. We got to the suite upstairs in the hotel while they were getting ready. Even their puppy was on site for the fun Kelsey’s girlfriends were so much fun to be around. The details and events around getting ready can make for some beautiful introduction shots to a wedding. We split up with the ladies and the guys for a few shots. 

Jennifer G. wedding photographer MI
Jennifer G. Photographer

When everything was in place her dad walked in to see her for the first time. It was hard to hold back the tears. What a delightful family. As Kelsey walked into the church, all eyes were on her and her father as they walked down the aisle.

The Inn At St. John Chapel is so interesting with the pews pointed in toward the center aisle. This allows everyone to see the event from a very interesting perspective. Of course, our role is to capture the wedding without being a distraction to the guests. What a beautiful service! Family shots took us about 20 minutes then as guests went downstairs for cocktails in the Kings Room, we went out into the gardens with the couple and their bridal party.

Again we were able to split up to a degree and get some detail shots of the room before the guests arrived. The guests erupted in applause as a couple came into the room.

The Knot Best Of Weddings Hall of Fame Special Moments Photography
Special Moments

It was a very touching moment when her father sang them a song at dinner. They took to the dance floor and soaked up the energy in the room. Such great feelings toward the couple could be felt throughout. They danced and played and celebrated. We particularly enjoyed the overhead shot of all the guests down on the dance floor from the balcony high above. We wish them the very best and we hope you enjoy this post.

Getting Ready:  St. John Hotel

Wedding: Inn At St. John’s Chapel
Reception:  Inn at St. John’s Atrium
Photographers:  Lisa H.   &  Jennifer G.