A Wedding at Canada Creek Ranch in Atlanta MI…

Tim and Amber’s wedding took place at Canada Creek Ranch clubhouse in Atlanta Michigan. It is located roughly between Rogers City and Gaylord. It started out in the 1930’s as a conservation club and hunting of sorts and is rooted in a long tradition of outdoor sports and activities. Amber’s mom is the one that reached out to me first with a phone call about this upcoming wedding.  She had been a photographer and appreciated the work on our website. I think the story was that she thought we were on Canada Creek Ranch referral list.

That wasn’t true at the time but who knows, we may be called on by then in the future. We really enjoyed the facility. Our phone call was one where we discussed what made good photography and what she appreciated about our work. We were glad to be a part of this wedding.

Getting Ready at the Club House Hotel and Home near the lake…

We started out with some getting ready pictures of the bride and groom. The groom was at his house on the west side of the big lake. The clubhouse, where the bride got ready, is on the east side of the big lake. We made our way to both locations for some nice getting ready shots before the service. There was a chance of light rain so we stepped up the timing a little bit to try to dodge the storm coming in.

The wedding was going to be held down at the bridge across from Canada Creek near the West end of the property. It is a beautiful little Park with birch trees and hemlocks that tend to thrive in a soggy but sandy soil. Their friends were bustling around getting the Arbor setup and the decorations in place for this outdoor service. Amber’s father is a pastor at a church in Ypsilanti, Michigan the name of which I have forgotten. He was a very eloquent man with a deep sense of what was about to take place between his daughter and his son-in-law.

The service held at the Canada Creek Bridge Park…

I watched the joy in everyone’s eyes as Amber made her way up the aisle to share her vows. It was a beautiful service even though a very light rain was coming down. It didn’t seem to bother anyone. Our big worry with rain is the electronics in our cameras. It can be devastating to them, but a light rain doesn’t seem to hurt them. After the service, we took several really important group shots. We’ve shown a few here. We never show everything in our blog post because it would be overwhelming. The proof set we present to the client is of the entire edited set of pictures. Our blog posts tend to be highlights of the day much like our wedding album selections.

The Wedding Reception at the Canada Creek Clubhouse…

The guests from the wedding went back toward the clubhouse while the bride and groom and I made our way around the north side of the lake and back at their home for some nice pictures of the two of them together. The guests at the party were enjoying some time catching up with one another. This is a beautiful old clubhouse with open log beams supporting the high ceilings.

Downstairs is where the small banquet room is located. It is a nice facility and was just right in size for this smaller wedding. A buffet dinner was served and I met some very interesting people during dinner. The couple had a Star wars theme which could be seen throughout their decorations. I captured a few of the special details thinking they would be important to the couple.

After Dinner and overlooking the lake…

After dinner was served, the couple went outside to get a few shots overlooking the lake from the high hill that the clubhouse sits on. We also took a few more family photos in front of the stone fireplace upstairs in the lobby. The couple wanted to have a send-off with a tunnel of bubbles created by their guests. Dancing is not a tradition in this family because of religious convictions so this party consisted of a lovely meal, cake cutting and a few kind words from the parents and close friends. It was a very intimate group with strong convictions.
I enjoyed working for these families up north at Canada Creek ranch in Atlanta Michigan. I hope to be back there again someday for another really nice shoot.

We can’t wait for our next Canada Creek Ranch wedding!

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Wedding Service:  Canada Creek Bridge Park Atlanta
Reception:   Canada Creek Ranch Atlanta MI
Photographer:  Patrick A. 

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