Special Page: Canterbury Castle Lake Orion MI Wedding Photography

Examples of weddings at Canterbury Castle in Lake Orion MI… A Dream Location!

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We have put this page together to help our couples see example of our Canterbury Castle Lake Orion MI wedding photography.  It is a splendid location for photos and one we love to go back to.  The energy of the staff and gorgeous layout of the property give our couples so many great opportunities for photos. 

Sales Contact:  Angela Anderson in sales
Email: Angela@CanterburyVillage.com
Website:  www.CanterburyCastleBanquet.com
Phone: (248) 391-1900

Call them to book your event and let us photograph it for you!

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Some additional thoughts on Canterbury Castle…

When we think about Canterbury Castle at Canterbury Village, we think of beautiful places for us to take photographs. One of the most important things we look at when we are considering how to approach a location for photographs is to look at the backgrounds. When you think about taking a picture of a group or a couple, what’s behind them will show up in the pictures. I’m thinking about a park that everyone wants to go that will remain unnamed.

It’s beautiful if you look at the fountain and the immediate surroundings with trees and benches but just beyond this thin area lies tons of cars parked around. Every picture we take at that spot has cars in the background. Canterbury Castle is not something you have to worry about this sort of problem with.

It is a beautiful park with pathways and trees and beautiful buildings, a gazebo, a carousel, large open spaces. It just makes for a beautiful spot to photograph in. We hope you enjoy the shots and appreciate the look of this little oasis for what it is. It is a gorgeous place to have your wedding and we love photographing here!